Tony Danza and me.

I’m of the opinion there’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own everything. Maybe it’s because finishing an actual home project feels insurmountable—I still haven’t painted or put up the blinds in the living room and I have no confidence putting nails in walls. But dirt? I can spread it. Seeds? I can plant ‘em. Weeds? I can pull ‘em.

You control the things you can control. And I love to cut my own flowers and eat my own food. I applaud every individual who can find their get-your-hands-dirty hobby and find enjoyment and satisfaction there.

What is your favrite thing? What is your favrite kandye?

The music room is ready to rock and roll. Is the music teacher ready? That’s the real question. My mom said I could always just teach for a year and then write about it. Tony Danza did that and I’m reading the book right now. (Who knew Tony Danza and I had so much in common!) The lucky part for me is that having the kids perform is really the one assessment I have to worry about and that seems to me about the easiest part of the whole dang job. Sing? Yes, we can do it! Play recorder? Mehhhh. Time will tell. Those fourth graders had better be rock star listeners if they expect me to hand them a recorder.

Here’s what I’ve learned on guitar: Play everything in B (capo on the fourth fret) because that’s where I can sing comfortably.
Here’s what I’ve learned from my first full summer on Honey Creek: It’s never too late to begin something new—applicable to squash, melons, tomatoes, green beans, a new instrument, friends, job, you name it.
Here’s what I’ve learned from my first staff meeting after being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years: Here I was, excited about embarking on a legit career and it turns out people are living for retirement!
That, and free donuts and lunch courtesy of your employer. I might be a little disappointed in this revelation but my staying at home has trained me to carpe diem and to also feel like two hours shooting the breeze over salad is sort of time-wasteful. My almost-forty self has been looking forward to efficiency, if you know what I mean. There is probably much unsaid and unstudied in the realm of mothers who stayed at home versus mothers who have always been working moms. I have a few unspoken hypotheses of my own…and one spoken one, which is that if unable to busybody at home with kids, one might look outside the home for busybody fulfillment.
Just a hypothesis.

Grow and weed and cut your flowers now, friends. What’s your favorite thing/candy? Don’t wait until you retire to find out. (I wrote GK back and said she was one of my favorite things. And I like mint Oreos and vanilla ice cream but any candy will do in a pinch.)

GK and I sowed a wildflower mix near the shed (she calls it “the kitty house”) and these are all that came up. Do you think all flowers descended from one original variety? methinks not.

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