mother’s day and allium.

I have been lying when I’ve said we were growing ranunculus. I planted them the same time as the allium. Therefore I’ve confused my brain into thinking allium leaves were the beginnings of ranunculus–anything a pro gardener (or even amateur gardener with google skills and the desire to use them would know)–THEY ARE NOT. My little ranunculus roots must be rotting in the earth, accidentally planted upside-down or too early. Or something. Allium was a fun surprise. In the spirit of dahlias, I even pinched one bud off early to “make for more blooms”. Ha. Ha ha ha! Joke’s on me, allium. You are nothing like ranunculus or dahlias, you are a glorified, inedible garlic. Who knew?

These must be white double late peony tulips that came in my mixed bag from Walmart. Not bad for a white flower!

Yesterday my little girl hopped off the bus and ran up the driveway to meet me. She opened her sticky hand and beamed.
“For you, Mama!”

She knows they’re my favorite so she held it in her hand all the way home.

I wrote a post on my other blog for Mother’s Day last year that I thought I’d link to here.

We sang some mama songs together last night and stitched them together for fun, since Daddy’s out of town. Listen and try not to laugh and cry–JJ Heller has written one of the two* songs in the world that make me cry every.single.time I hear them (I tossed in some Merle Haggard and Paul Simon to lighten it up. And a timely ode to the Judds, RIP Naomi).
My own mother really truly did
-give us our own junk drawer (actually whole closets and didn’t even question our bedroom status but let things roll)
-give me a room with a view of the yard (while she moved her own bedroom to the living room so us kids–5 in a small house–could have our own space)

She also makes the best macaroni (and everything else) and is my best friend. Did you also win the mom lottery? Be sure she knows it this Mother’s Day.

*the other song is Nickel Creek, The Hand Song.

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