Double Late Tulip Bulbs.

It’s fascinating to me what people will buy on the internet just because the website is fancy or Joanna Gaines-ish. Great lettering is a marketing tool all on its own. And let’s not get into the heady photo world of Instagram and influencers.

It’s just like walking into a great bookstore and getting greedy even after you were just at Goodwill where the same books are going for dimes.
I’m not immune–not to books or flowers. I special-ordered a handful of dahlia tubers from some farm in Maine for sixty bucks. If they bloom any better than the 19.99 Sam’s club variety, I’ll be sure to report.

These beauties came from Wal-Mart. I believe there were 10-20 bulbs in the mixed bag (of course Minnie the dog dug up and ate half of those after I planted them) for no more than $20. They’re a double tulip, also called peony tulip. I don’t know how the first tulip breeder crossed the magic wires that turned into this kind of awesome, but I’ll forever be disappointed with any boring single tulip after this. Plus, they remain fresh for days and ants don’t open the bud.
Maybe my tactic to Instagram will be to post the flowers with the price tag and where I bought the bulbs. Hashtag, 19.99@walmart.

I’m a little down about my gung-ho gardening–I’ve spent so much time on my hugelkultur and yet things are growing so dang well outside them! I’ve been faithfully collecting and layering cardboard right on the lawn in no-till gardening fashion like youtube tells me, but Gretty’s garden is already filled with these tulips and yet-to-bloom dahlias! With only a little layer of mulch to keep weeds at bay, I’m shocked and delighted. I do think this is where the outhouse used to be, so I shouldn’t be surprised at the amazing soil. The worms are crazy abundant out there, clinging to every shovelful of dirt. And we’ve had plenty of rain to soak these babies.

Never have I ever…seen a tulip as big as my hand.

How fun!

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