Barn: ready.

With the help of my folks last week, we finally swept the barn hayloft floor.
It’s taken several weeks of burning trash, collecting metal for the junk yard, and loading a couple of pull-away dumpsters, but here we are.
I felt justified enough to buy Christmas lights at Wal-Mart and deck the halls for an impromptu family christening. We had a bonfire and played badminton and bluegrass.

Most prolific things found in the barn: mud dauber-infested Christmas decorations, dishes, furniture, books, and magazines followed by tons of old-people clothing. What can I say: it is hard to throw a good pair of sweatpants away.

Grossest thing found in the barn: Human hair and a wide variety of animal poop. A fake coffin with a fake body in it. Grandma’s wigs and wig stand.

Jesus, Mary, and a post-modern pumice stone?

Most interesting things found in the barn hayloft: a LIFE magazine from the 1960s, books galore, college diploma, high school diploma, social security card, photos from the last century, little trinkets and doodads. I returned many of the special things to my neighbor, who was raised here on the farm and is now in his seventies.

I want to be a person who sees a thing and creatively thinks of a project or use for something old, but I’m realizing I can’t think those things in a cluttered space. I throw it out or burn it and then wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have gotten rid of it.
I also used to think collections were a neat thing, but now I firmly believe life is about everything but setting your eyes on something with a strong desire to have it. I guess that’s why coveting is a sin.

My dad asked me if I wanted to order another roll-away and move onto cleaning out the next barn or shed. I told him he was crazy.

I mean, why rush all the fun?

First story of the shed. There are 3 stories. Send help.

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