Cleaning out barn number 1

The weather I’ve been waiting for has arrived. I’ve called and paid for a roll away dumpster. No more excuses; it’s time to begin the cleaning.

Here’s the main problem—I hate snakes. Spiders I can handle. Lizards with legs, yes. But snakes are a definite no-go for me. So if I see one, that ends the day of cleaning for me. At least till I can distance the experience by a good night’s sleep.

The old girl with a thousand secrets (and a million creepy-crawlies)
This is the least scary part of the barn. Solid wood floors and plenty of light.
Send help. Or helping vibes.

I realize this is a dream project for some. I honestly have no idea where to even begin. My mind can come up with a thousand possibilities and outcomes but it’s really hard to take tiny steps. Sorting through eighty years of stuff that isn’t a small project. I suppose it’s easier since it isn’t my own parents’ or grandparents’ stuff. I don’t have to decide how I feel about any of it because none of it is sentimental to me. But I do love history, so I’ve got an eye out for precious things I can pass on to my neighbor (who was raised here on Honey Creek).

Piles: one trash, one metal (to scrap), one to burn. I turn on podcasts and move my body, and bit by bit it’s looking better.

Since I’m the braver type, and since it makes it more fun to do this not alone, I think I’ll do a YouTube series to document the process. Unless I see a snake, like I did yesterday. In that case, you won’t hear from me until I sleep it off.

Anyone in need of old wasp-infested suitcases?

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