A new farm implement.

This is my newest, scariest farm implement on Honey creek. It’s an apple pencil, bought off of Facebook marketplace with the hope of having a legit creative job, or at least an awesome hobby with which to impress my kids (one might blur the edges sometimes). They’ve always loved reading my old posts I kept of them as babies, and they beg me to draw new cartoons. I feel, as a responsible stay at home mother, that I should always indulge the creative requests. If nothing else, my terrible stick figure drawings will always be a tangible way they can remember my love. Not my cooking or time spent reading them books or shuttling them to music lessons and ball games, but stick figures.

They’ve been in school 3 days now. I panicked for a good day before I settled into the new norm. It’s too hot to cleanout the barns or garden, so I fired up the iPad and installed the Procreate app. My cartoons have never been more colorful, and I mean that in the best possible way. Who knew?

Who knew a mom could sit and finish a cartoon without a child hovering over her shoulder, waiting for the magic to appear in ink?

Who knew a mom could watch a Youtube tutorial and learn graphic design without a kid begging to watch Dude Perfect?

Who knew there was a life that existed where brothers and sisters could ride the school bus home, their mother waiting in the driveway with snacks?

I didn’t know. I hadn’t even dared to hope it might happen, and here it is, happening.

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