front porch pickin’

front porch pickin’ at Honey Creek, no date.

It was such a sweet treat to get some old pictures from the previous owners of past shin digs and jam sessions on Honey Creek. You might imagine we were tickled to find out our new old house was once filled with musicians. I had mentioned to them that we planned to have barn dances or bluegrass music at the barn, and M texted me these pictures almost immediately. Her husband grew up in this home and recalls barn dances and music on the front porch and in the living room. The musicians are unknown, but I think they look an awful lot like brothers.

Notice the resonator player’s left hand. I’m trying to figure out what exactly he used for barring the strings. Jubal’s had his eye on a dobro for a few months now…all we need to work on now is that slick hair do. Well, the clothes and cigarette also add a touch of cool, too. And the stiff collar under the overalls…and what do you think the glass bottles were for? Did one of the fellows make it to church but not change back into his work clothes?

I think this was the family that built the place. Their baby (of eight kids) would’ve been about two when they finished the house. We bought the place from her youngest son.

Isn’t history incredible? And now we’re adding to it. What an awesome thought.

The 2021 Honey Creek pickers (and cajon!)

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